Discrete moments in time and space inspire the gaze of JP, lead singer of the NYC indie rock band, herMajesty. “Crystals,” the band’s new single slated for release on July 30th, 2014, is a tender glance into the inner world of its central character. Its generous, passionate and magical spirit is conveyed through the imagery of the lyrics, seductive keyboard lines, lush orchestral arrangements and exotic male and female vocals. Complementing the hypnotic aesthetic of the song is the psychedelic guitar work of Jody Porter from Fountains of Wayne.

In the past, herMajesty appeared on FOX National TV, performed in front of a packed houses at some of New York City’s favorite stages (Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene Grocery, etc.), shared the stage with national touring acts The B-52s, Tom Tom Club, Boxer Rebellion, Say Hi to Your Mom, and received airplay on KEXP, KTUH, WFUV, etc. 

herMajesty consists of JP (vocals, rhythm guitars, programming), David Leatherwood (guitars, backup vocals), Joan Chew (bass, backup vocals), and Konrad Meissner (drums, percussion). Keyboards on “Crystals” were handled by Dayle Raymond Jellyman. 



"After having the pleasure of premiering herMajesty’s new single “Days Turn To Nights,” it was only fitting I checked out the single release show at Rockwood Music Hall. I was eager to find out if the live product was as good as their recorded music and was really happy to see that they were even better than expected. Having been on tour for awhile it’s easy to see the band has gelled and become a tight machine worthy of bigger rooms.

When introducing a newer band to the public, it’s easiest to describe a sound by comparison and for that reason only - I liken  JP’s vocal style to David Bowie in the 80′s; smart, strong, chilling and sometimes brazen. Starting the night off to a packed and very warm room, herMajesty grabbed everyone’s attention immediately with “World Smiles,” an up-tempo rocker that had everyone grooving along. They whipped out the rest of their set with precision and complete control with the highlights coming in the form of the new single which you can watch in the video below, and the rollicking closer, “Can’t Go Back,” which an amped up JP thrashed about in the crowd which had everyone smiling ear to ear.

Make sure to catch this exceptional live band as soon as possible and tell ‘em I sent you!"


PANCAKES AND WHISKEY BLOG PREMIERE our new single, "Days Turn to Nights". Read what they have to say here.


"NYC Indie Band herMajesty Release Stellar New Single"

Indie Rock Cafe

The New York City indie rock/pop band, herMajesty, which we first profiled back in 2010, and again in 2011, are back with a new album, and a new label, Bittersweet Records. Plus, the band has had the honor to opened for bands like The B-52s, The Tom Tom Club, Say Hi to Your Mom, and Boxer Rebellion.

Combining poetic lyrics, a memorable chorus (sung by a choir of elementary school children), and a clarion-like trumpet accompaniment, the band’s newest single, “One by One”, is what they call their “most accessible song to date,” even though they don’t exactly say what they mean by that. Nevertheless, it’s definitely one of the standout tracks of the week. The band’s songwriter and chief architect, JP (John Paul? Jose Perez? Jack Pontanopolous? – we do not know), was granted citizenship in the U.S. when he was eight years old. At that early age, JP was already a student of modern Greek poetry and classic Greek tragedy.

“The motivation to use a children’s choir on the new single came from the idea that we are all struggling to come to grips with the promise of our youth and the reality of adulthood while maintaining a connection to the life affirming energy and sense of wonder of those early years” says JP. The band’s principal musical influences include Roxy Music, Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Jon Hopkins, and Eagulls.


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"Named for a Freudian quote, working with a producer/wannabe shrink, and writing songs that explore the true nature of people, herMajesty invokes the dreamy state that could provide psychoanalysts with never-ending work. Think imagery like nutmeg in your hair, sawdust in your eyes and a dark canal at night interspersed in music that evokes the flights a pigeon might make over a fluorescent city bustling with those who brave the dark. I stumbled across the song "World Smiles" last month. It enamored me enough to include on our April Egg on yo' face mix."


largehearted boy, KEXP Blog

"World Smiles" "Best new release of the week from NYC electro rockers herMajesty"


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HerMajesty's NY-based dream pop revels in spacey, glam Briticisms and a blissful expansiveness that can only be described as, well, majestic. Key tracks include "Open Up Your Arms", "All This Beauty", "Season in Hell" and "Rebel Song", an homage to Joe Strummer.


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"Good music draws on influences, but the best stuff pushes the envelope forward a few steps, and often times it can throw people for a loop at first. Did you like your favorite album the first you heard it? NYC band herMajesty flies under the radar, but their new EP Images From the Vanishing Night is an excellent listen. It references such bands as the Decemberists and Arcade Fire, but it takes a few unexpected twists and turns."