Discrete moments in time and space inspire the gaze of JP, lead singer of the NYC indie rock band, herMajesty. “Crystals,” the band’s new single slated for release on July 30th, 2014, is a tender glance into the inner world of its central character. Its generous, passionate and magical spirit is conveyed through the imagery of the lyrics, seductive keyboard lines, lush orchestral arrangements and exotic male and female vocals. Complementing the hypnotic aesthetic of the song is the psychedelic guitar work of Jody Porter from Fountains of Wayne.

In the past, herMajesty appeared on FOX National TV, performed in front of a packed houses at some of New York City’s favorite stages (Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene Grocery, etc.), shared the stage with national touring acts The B-52s, Tom Tom Club, Boxer Rebellion, Say Hi to Your Mom, and received airplay on KEXP, KTUH, WFUV, etc. 

herMajesty consists of JP (vocals, rhythm guitars, programming), David Leatherwood (guitars, backup vocals), Joan Chew (bass, backup vocals), and Konrad Meissner (drums, percussion). Keyboards on “Crystals” were handled by Dayle Raymond Jellyman. 

In the Studio

It is a privilege to be working with Carlos Alomar, David Bowie’s band leader of 25 years and co-writer of “Fame” and “DJ”. Here we are at Mission Sound in Williamsburg working on “Little Lies.” We look forward to sharing our next sounds with you some time soon.



Imagine Peter Gabriel fronting New Order and The Cure and you might be able to approximate the thematic preoccupations, brooding intensity, grandeur, and elegiac live show and sound of herMajesty, a New York City indie glam art project led by JP, (vocals, acoustic guitar, programming) and rounded out by David Leatherwood (guitars, backup vocals), Joan Chew, (Bass, backup vocals), Konrad Meissner (drums) and Josh Shusterman (drums). 

herMajesty’s music and live shows combine well crafted songs that take interesting twists and turns with layers of textured sound, and lyrics with a keen eye for novelistic detail that communicate the intricacies of personal relationships and global events. Theirs is a tradition of theatrical grand gesture that mixes the intimate with a dramatic presentation. JP has garnered rave reviews for his ability to convey the complex emotions underneath herMajesty’s songs in live shows throughout the Northeast over the last two years. In 2016, he was the subject of a semi-nude photo series by Alice O’Malley, an archivist of L.E.S. counterculture, that captured the impact of trauma while introducing caring to the conversation between subject and witness and coincided with herMajesty’s 2016 E.P. “My Body Your Mind”.

herMajesty will release their edgy new single, “I Saw the Dog”, a dystopian take on romance and politics in an age of alternative facts in the Fall of 2017. To write the lyrics, JP used a cut-up approach to capture the common thread between authoritarian relationships and the exploitative nature of political systems that champion one-line sound bites in the age of the internet. Adding sonic fury to the tense subject matter is Henry Hey on keyboards (David Bowie, Forq, etc.) and Chris McQueen on lead guitar (David Bowie, Snarky Puppy). “I Saw the Dog” was produced by Grammy Award winner Nic Hard. It is catchy, dynamic, foreboding, and dramatic. “I Saw the Dog” is slated for release through digital outlets in November 2017 as well as on vinyl through Midday Records, a boutique independent label based in Providence, Rhode Island.